When it comes to developing stronger, more confident, innovative and skilled soccer players, Passion Soccer prides itself on its unique approach to soccer training and education.

As an experienced soccer coach of over 30 years, it is clear that Raffaele Venturino founded Passion Soccer out of his true passion for the sport. What began in 2010 as a soccer boutique, with the goal of introducing new brands to the market, quickly branched out into a variety of soccer education programs for players from ages 4 to 12.

“I saw there was a need for teaching kids outside of their team practice in a non-competitive, slower and safer environment,” explains Venturino. “You can immediately see the positivity in the kids’ interactions as they are learning and supporting each other.”

At the moment, Passion Soccer offers soccer clinics and summer camp, which are open for registration. After-school programs are also available, but are only open to students at enrolled schools. Clinics and camps have distinct approaches to instruction, however, both aim to develop the player’s reaction speed and sense of the game, as well as his or her tactical, technical and athletic skills.

At Passion Soccer, children are encouraged, motivated and taught at their own pace in a friendly environment where they know mistakes lead to their learning and improvement. “Kids quickly learn that they can trust their educators and that if they make a mistake, no one will yell at them or put them down. They are all here to learn and improve,” says Venturino. “We help players to become innovative by teaching them how to own and analyze their performance in order to find what went right and wrong.”

Clinics are 10-week high-level training programs in which players follow a planned, one-hour instruction with their educator once a week. These sessions run from September to December, January to March, and April to May. Groups are limited to only 10 to 15 participants to ensure that each player can get the individual attention they need to thrive.

Camps, on the other hand, run from June to August and are organized to include skill training and technical development, as well as a ton of fun outdoor play, which encourages the light-hearted environment sought out in a camp setting. Healthy meals are also provided to all children as they are taught about the importance and benefits of eating right.

“Camps are more open, giving children a chance to explore themselves, their talents and different positions that they probably would not get to try on a team,” explains Venturino. “One boy discovered through free play that he really enjoyed being a goalie and was great in that position. He loved it so much that he eventually switched position on his team. He probably would have never tried being a goalie if it had not been for this experience.”

Especially in clinics, conditioning exercises, such as step ladder, running, rings, plank and squats are implemented to improve a player’s agility, movement, and strength. Passion Soccer instruction covers all areas that are crucial for executing a strong performance on the field, including fundamental nutritional guidelines and how to feed their bodies for success.

Passion Soccer’s educators are carefully selected, young, friendly, high-level soccer players – some of whom are semi-pro! They teach by example, uncover and use the different strengths of each player to develop each of their individual talents, strengthen their team engagement, and most importantly, make them confident that they are an integral part of that team, no matter what position they play.

Venturino takes great pride in Passion Soccer’s educational and motivational approach to soccer instruction. “Once kids feel they are able to achieve, you see their self-esteem increase, which can even help them in class,” he explains. “Some kids who do not perform well on the field just haven’t been given the chance to develop.”

Venturino welcomes interested parents and their children to enquire about a free trial session. For more information on Passion Soccer’s programs or to register, visit edspassionsoccer.ca or call 514-316-9850.