“I’m lucky if I remember to pick up my kids on time from one of the 10 weekly activities the three of them are in, while trying to come up with a healthy dinner in 30 minutes or less because I forgot to take something out of the freezer this morning. That, and juggle a 40-hour workweek, six hours per week commuting, homework, housework, workout, and a husband who travels for business. Set goals?Are you kidding?!

If you’re like many busy executives today, men and women, we’re so busy keeping on keeping on ―that we haven’t stopped lately to PLAN our life. Most of us put more thought into planning a vacation than we do planning our life. And when we don’t dedicate time to plan, we catch life’s ‘sloppy seconds.’ Don’t despair!

Here’s the first step to help re-gain control of the runaway train we call LIFE


I have an insatiable curiosity to know WHY we do what we do. And I am fiercely convinced that it’s critical to find our why if we hope to find our way to a life where we enjoy more time, more balance, more joy, and more fun than we are experiencing right now.

“When you get to the top of your Ladder of Success – make sure it’s leaning on the right building!” (Author Unknown), is my absolute favourite quote. So many times, we make insidious choices that lead us further and further away from a life that makes us want to jump out of bed, vibrating with anticipation, to start what we are confident will be an awesome day.

The jarring reality is that most of us put one foot in front of the other, thinking that we’re ‘too busy’ to take time out to dream a little, set goals and imagine a workable strategy to realize some of the dreams that create a life we’re excited about living. I’m not talking a lifelong dream to win the next Canadian Idol or Star Academie or join Richard Branson on a trip to the moon.

I’m talking real life goals like taking a meaningful family vacation, learning a new language, taking a painting course, designing and building a spa-like backyard, running a half-marathon, or cooking a wholesome meal that the whole family eats around the candle-lit dining room table three times a week. Doable things.

Balance isn’t about having all things equal all of the time. It looks more like tipping scales, where the dreams in some areas of our life are for right now ―such as regular family connection time― are more immediate than the dreams in other areas of our life, like retiring at 45 years old and finishing our MBA.

When we are crystal clear on why we are doing what we are doing, then decisions about how we spend our time and with whom become much easier.

So step one: stop for a few minutes to ask yourself, “Why am I doing what I’m doing right now?” and more importantly, “Is it getting me to where I want to go?”

After all, isn’t it worth it to invest some time to find your why so you, too, can find your way to a life where your motto, as your feet hit the cold floor these winter mornings, is to AUDACIOUSLY say, “C’mon world… bring it on!”

About the Author:

Chief Juicer, Glynis E. Devine Inspires audiences of executive women’s organizations and associations on how to squeeze more juice out of life. She inspires and equips them to find their WHY so they can find their WAY in life – a life with more time, more balance, more joy and way more fun!

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