A seasoned real estate agent knows that a home inspectorís job is give the buyer a fair assessment of the condition of the property.

Note to seller: itís not personal!

So, when youíre selling your home, donít take everything the inspector says personally. Every home needs a little maintenance and repairs, and your home is probably not terminally unique.

While some sellers feel compelled to go on the defensive when the home inspector arrives, itís important to fight this urge and help the inspector get their job done. Remember: the seller has a lot to contribute to helping an inspector do their job efficiently.

The three most important tasks are removing clutter, making sure the basics work, and stay out of the way until needed.

Remove Clutter
It is important that the inspector can access all areas of the home. Is the master bedroom closet the entryway to the attic? Time to empty it out. The inspector will need access to this and other important areas.

Pay particular attention to removing clutter from the following places: ∑

  • Doors ∑
  • Windows ∑
  • The Main Water Entrance ∑
  • Sump pumps ∑
  • The attic hatch ∑
  • The electrical panel ∑
  • The garage floor drain
Water, Electricity, & Pets
Itís a good idea to make sure to replace any burnt out light bulbs, and make sure your toilets are flushing and your sink, shower and floor drains are clear and draining well. As for the toilets: make sure nobody needs a plunger during the inspection.

Think accessibility: where are your keys and remotes?
The seller will want to get their keychain organized before the inspector arrives. Make sure to know where keys are for the following areas whenever relevant:
  • The garage
  • Closets
  • Around the heating system
  • Tenant apartments
Itís important to remember that tenant apartments are also part of the sale. Donít forget to inform the tenants that an inspection will be taking place. All the accessibility points mentioned above are also necessary for their apartments.

Oh Öand is the remote control for the garage door handy?

Last but not least, out of courtesy, itís really nice when doors are clear of snow. Shovelling the walkway and the area around the doors makes it easier to get around. Roof access should also be a consideration if there is clutter around an area where the roof is accessed.

Should I stay or should I go?
Good question. Some inspectors will say they prefer the homeowner to leave so that the buyer will be at ease to ask any type of question. Other inspectors will be happy the homeowner is nearby to answer questions, but appreciate the seller making himself or herself scarce during the walk-around.

All homes have their strengths and weaknesses. The inspection is not a judgment on the seller, itís about informing the buyer as to what they are getting into once they purchase the home. All people have a different level of tolerance for maintenance and repairs. All people see the charms and challenges of each home differently.

In any case, if you stay home during the inspection, stay out of the way. Spend a couple of hours organizing digital family photos, browsing Facebook, or doing something otherwise engaging while the inspector is there. An inspection takes between 2 to 4 hours depending on the size of the home. A seller should also feel free to leave the house for the time of the inspection, but should be available by phone, in case the inspector has a question.

If there are any other questions about how to prepare for an inspection, feel free to give us a call. Weíre happy to talk about your concerns.

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