“Choosing ECS for my daughter was the best decision I’ve ever made as a parent. She has blossomed into an empowered leader, and our whole family became part of an extraordinary community.”

Maud Edgar and Mary Cramp were two remarkable and progressive teachers who opened their own school for girls in 1909; a true start-up in its time. They were daring thinkers whose entrepreneurialism became the guiding spirit of ECS. Rooted in traditions of excellence and innovation, ECS leads the way in girls education today.

“The challenges facing girls today are vastly different than 109 years ago,” says Lauren Aslin, Head of School. “The pressures that come from being digitally connected are immense, but so are the choices and opportunities. At ECS, we believe in limitless learning in a world of possibilities. This means that the girls are equipped– from our youngest kindergartener to our grade 11 graduate–to tackle the world before them, and to be well in it, too.”

ECS teachers and staff – themselves lifelong learners – are dedicated to each student’s academic achievement and social wellness. They provide superior education and the necessary tools for personal growth. The school’s longstanding commitment to academic excellence is enhanced by robust programmes in athletics, the arts, civics and community service.

Through bold leadership and courageous innovation rooted in research, ECS values and stewards each girl’s distinct journey. Aslin explains that “ECS girls become caring, critical thinkers who have respect for themselves and others. Our girls take their talents beyond our local community to create needed social change in the world.” To learn more about ECS, including available scholarships and bursaries, as well as their threetimes daily Laval bus, visit www.ecs.qc.ca.