InfluencElle is a powerful movement that was created to celebrate leading women and highlight female participation in different fields. InfluencElle is here to amplify, celebrate and share women’s voices, backgrounds, contributions, and successes.

Sebastien Sperano is the founder of the InfluencElle movement. “The word influence is used quite proficiently and quite extensively to describe a certain type of position, person, and attitude,” says Sperano. “InfluencElle came about naturally as a beautiful way to highlight women’s influences.”

The idea came about after Sperano held his first official Summit6288 real estate conference. A woman commented to him about the gender ratio of his panel – which was predominantly male. Sperano felt, as someone leading such an event, he had a responsibility to ensure gender representation. So he founded InfluencElle, a campaign that would highlight inspirational female leaders and share the successes of women in the field.

The Goal
InfluencElle’s mission is to highlight women’s passions, motivations and talents. The panel was created to deliver a greater message to all women, men, girls and boys. The women on the panel are relevant and inspirational, and through their hard work and achievements, they can encourage other young women to take on leadership roles and aim for greater success.

InfluencElle was put together to share the realities, the obstacles and the everyday struggles that all women face in their careers. The panel of women behind InfluencElle sheds a positive light on the outcome at the end of the journey rather than focusing on the drawbacks, encouraging women and young girls to persevere.

Working Together
InfluencElle focuses on working together and valuing one another’s success and achievements. Sperano compares it to his relationship with his wife. “We have a partnership,” he says. “I work with my wife. My business is what it is today because of the efforts put in with my wife; what she has done, what she allows me to do.” Sperano and his wife are a prime example of what an equal partnership is. He says they support each other and build each other up.

InfluencElle also has a deeply personal meaning to Sperano. “I have a daughter; I want her to have women that she can look up to other than the media,” he explains. I want my son to be surrounded by as many powerful and influential women to partner up with [as he can].”

The Panel
On September 20th InfluencElle will take part in the second Summit6288 real estate conference, which will be held at Cineplex Laval. They will hold a one-hour conversation and discussion moderated by Kelly Alexander from Virgin Radio.

Jessica Maccarone, Chairperson of the Council Committee at Sir Wilfrid Laurier School, Isabelle Tassoni, City Councilor, and Ana Pac, a young notary, are three guests who will be sitting on the InfluencElle panel. They will sit amongst a diverse group of 10 women. Their stories will inspire and encourage both men and women. Through their stories of perseverance, challenges, and successes, they will be working towards a greater goal – encouraging female leaders.

“My contribution is setting the stage, promoting and supporting them,” Sperano says. “I want to shine a positive light on what has been accomplished, to inspire other women and young girls to say ‘I can do that.’”

The Future
There are big plans in the works that will be announced at the end of the panel conference on September 20th. Sperano will introduce the details of the first stand-alone InfluencElle conference, a three-day event to be held in March 2019.