The Laval Families Young Authors Contest winner, second grader Anthony Coirazza, shares his hopes and dreams on becoming a police officer by exploring everything he needs to know to join the force someday.

I am interested in a police officer’s job because they are important and needed in many different situations like car accidents, robberies and other crime scenes. I really like the uniforms they wear and all the gear they get to use like weapons and bulletproof vests. They get to drive special cars. They help keep us safe and defend people. They protect us in different ways; like doing traffic control when the traffic lights are not working, helping when someone is being attacked, and they arrest people who commit crimes and then take them to prison.  Police officers risk their lives for people they don’t even know.

To me, a police officer is friendly, safe and keeps us protected from danger and enemies. They make sure people are obeying the law. The job of being a police officer can be quite dangerous and difficult. They can get shot.

To become a police officer, a person must get a CEGEP diploma in Police Technology and then do training at the École Nationale de Police. They have to be grown up, serious, strong, smart, tough, and fearless.

In the future, I think police officers will have more help in doing their jobs. A flying spy robot, shaped like a bug that can be controlled by remote might be used to search for criminals who are hiding in big crowds. The spy robot would have a camera and officers would be able to see what the robot is seeing on an app on their cell phones. They would also be able to zoom in to see if the criminals have any weapons with them.  I also think that black cats can be trained to help officers catch criminals. They can be trained to follow commands and attack when they need to. The cats would use their climbing and jumping skills and their claws to get the bad guys.