Learn. Socialize. Network; these key words not only make up our tag line, but they truly encompass what we offer to women.

Sociale is a new small Montreal-based business that I started with my sister, Katrina and two of my cousins, Kara and Tasha. We are all young professionals with very different backgrounds and on different career paths. Networking became an essential part of how we got our name out in the professional world. We quickly learned that the connections we were making, not only helped us build our professional contact base, but a social network of people as well. So there it began. We found that Montreal was lacking in communities where women could network with ease, whether learning a new skill or honing a skill they already had. Why not create a fun environment for women to take part in an activity or conference while making new connections on a social level?

From a very young age, our mothers instilled in us a sense of sisterhood, and the notion of bonding and supporting each other. With that awareness in mind, our goal now is to offer that concept to the women that attend our events. We try to create an atmosphere without barriers, so our attendees feel comfortable meeting other participants. Approaching a complete stranger is not always easy to do; therefore, our job is to facilitate that process and help create connections. In essence, we are the facilitators that help women empower themselves.

At Sociale, some of our events include vegan cooking classes, self-defense workshops, wine tasting and pairing, business dining etiquette, Bollywood dancing, and most recently, women’s conferences. At each conference, we have had speakers discuss topics such as image consulting, social media tips, career change advice, nutrition information, etc. After each presentation, there is still some time for Q&A. There’s also an intermission which allows the attendees to network, meet the speakers, and enjoy some refreshments and sweets.

Another important aspect of Sociale is to promote other small businesses and events. Anyone who has started their own small business knows that it’s not an easy task. There are so many challenges, including lack of time to properly market your name or brand. This is where we come in; one of our strong points is to promote other businesses and events through our social media. Whether it is the new bakery that just opened, the free exhibition at the museum, or the fundraiser for sick kids, we want our followers to be aware of it.

Sociale’s mission is to give our clients a dynamic experience that keeps them coming back. Not only will they leave with a new or polished skill, but an opportunity to network and the chance to discover new things.

We are happy to see that our work has an impact on women. It gives us pride knowing that we are doing something meaningful.

About the Author;

Olivia Deane has a B.A in Journalism from Concordia University and now works in the real estate industry with a top commercial developer. She is one of the four co-founders of Sociale.Coming from a multicultural background, Olivia has always been fascinated by cultural diversity. Her dream is to one day expand Sociale internationally; bringing women together around the globe and combining her love of travel and entrepreneurship.

Twitter; @socialemontreal