Thanks to the New Horizons for Seniors Program, more than $20,000 in investments in equipment and machine renewal were implemented last May.

Here's what's in store for you at the Axion Gym:
  • 2 new treadmills
  • 1 new elliptical machine
  • 1 new cardio bike
  • 1 new bench
  • New training accessories

Project Description
We want to address specific needs of seniors in our workout and fitness room. More specifically, we want to respond to physical conditions that many seniors experience. For example, balance problems and joint pathologies (mainly hips and knees) are the two most common problems encountered by our clientele. In order to better serve our clientele with these types of problems, we need accessories that will improve balance and devices designed to improve the strength of joints weakened by these various pathologies.

We find that seniors are very motivated to be supervised by our kinesiologists and appreciate the programs offered that are adapted to their needs. The supervision motivates the seniors to come to the center to train. Their participation in the training room makes them feel good and encourages them to come back two or three times a week. The impact is definitely positive on their well-being and self-esteem.

Our kinesiologists will play a key role in this project by coaching their clients through planned programs designed to meet their specific needs. The other seniors will follow up on the purchase and installation of the equipment.

  • To support the social participation and inclusion of seniors;
  • Provide capital assistance for new or existing community projects or programs for seniors;
  • To assist seniors with health problems or disabilities;
  • To support healthy aging and promote inclusion.

Most fitness facilities are not designed for this clientele. Currently, specialized services with specialized equipment are only available through private physiotherapy services. Our Socio-Cultural Recreation and Sports Centre has become the place of choice for seniors who wish to continue to stay in shape in an environment where they are in the same age group.

We are often told, “We are more comfortable here.” Adding specialized equipment will help seniors better meet their physical needs according to their conditions and thus maintain healthy aging in a center that promotes social inclusion and mental well-being.