Here are a few simple tips, reminders, and things to consider so you can stay happy and healthy after 65.

Seniors tend not to hear as well as they age. It is important to ensure that you hear well. If you experience hearing loss, tell your family physician or an auditory specialist.  A hearing aid can make a huge difference in how you hear conversation. By not wearing an aid, a person may feel isolated or left out of conversation. You will not understand what is going on which could lead to embarrassment.  Family members and friends tire of repeating conversations and speaking loudly to senior family members or friends.  Hearing aids are not as visible as they once were and can really help you communicate and enhance your quality of life.

Be sure to see your local eye specialist who can prescribe what you need to keep your eyes healthy and your vision the best it can be.  If you experience dry eyes, it may be because you require eye drops which may be a repercussion of having cataract surgery or other issue.  If you are having difficulty seeing street signs or print, advise your eye specialist.  Perhaps you require cataract surgery which is quite a simple surgery these days. You will be surprised at how much your vision will improve thereafter. 

Annual Check Ups
Be certain to visit your family physician at least once per year.  You can advise him/her of any new problems you have experienced and prevent new problems from occurring.  When you don’t feel well, jot down your symptoms and the dates so you can provide this important information to your physician.  Bring your list of prescription drugs on your visit.  Advise your physician if you have experienced negative side effects from any of your medications. If you take daily medication, purchase a pill dispenser with days of the week written on the case.  This will ensure you do not miss any doses.

Dental Visits
Be sure to make an annual visit to your dentist to ensure your teeth and mouth are healthy.  As people age, gum health becomes a concern because gums recede, which can expose roots to your teeth causing your mouth to feel sensitive or cause gum disease.  Ask the dentist to check your gums and take an x-ray of your teeth. If you wear dentures, your dental professional may suggest that you change your dentures.

Meals and Exercise
Try to fit daily exercise into your life. Do you enjoy walking or cycling? Today there are a variety of bicycles including electric bikes which make it much easier to get around. Partake in whatever exercise you enjoy, whether it be yoga, walking, bowling, or other healthy exercise.

Be sure to eat healthy by including fresh fruit, vegetables, milk and cheese and other healthy choices which will make a difference in how you feel.

Don’t forget to enjoy yourself during whatever activity you participate in and keep healthy!