It is not uncommon for many women to be left with extra weight on their body following giving birth, and that “baby” weight can sometimes be the hardest to lose. After giving birth to her second child, Megan Miles, 31, found herself feeling heavy, lethargic and simply not at her best.

Miles’s weight issues weren’t only due to baby weight. In fact, her body had slowly put on extra weight over the course of several years once she began taking a medication to control her panic attacks and general anxiety issues. Miles would have a difficult time in crowded rooms or parties and was especially uncomfortable in public places. Finding herself overweight and unhappy with how she felt physically, her confidence was taking a dive as well.

One Step at a Time
In January of 2016, Miles found herself facing yet another challenge. She was scheduled for surgery for precancerous cells, and used that life event as momentum to start making changes to her lifestyle and eating habits. She wanted to be as healthy as possible for the surgery.

“At that time, I was eating a lot of take out, and hadn’t successfully stuck to any gym I had tried, mainly because of my anxiety,” says Miles. “I even tried gyms for women only, but even there, I felt so self-conscious.”

Miles began cutting out junk food, sugary drinks and white bread. She disciplined herself to get in some daily exercise at home on her elliptical machine. She managed to lose 10 lbs on her own and went into surgery feeling like she was making progress. Just days after the surgery, another obstacle lay in her path; she contracted an infection from the surgery and had to spend a few days in the hospital. Once released, some of her momentum was lost, and her efforts at a healthier lifestyle were starting to yield less than stellar results.

At a Standstill
Miles was at a standstill with her weight loss, and didn’t know what else she could do.
It was after expressing her frustration to her cousin about what had been going on that her cousin suggested she try 30 Minute Hit, a high intensity kickboxing circuit designed just for women. Miles’s cousin was a member of the 30 Minute Hit in LaSalle, and suggested that Miles go for a free trial at the 30 Minute Hit in Laval.

Heeding the advice, Miles agreed to go for the free trial. One of the benefits of 30 Minute Hit membership is that you can train at any HIT location, so Miles’s cousin tagged along, got in her own workout, and cheered Miles on during the free trial. A free trial allows a woman to try out the circuit with a 30 Minute Hit trainer to learn the basics of each of the 13 stations. That was in May 2016, and Miles has never looked back. The free trial was the most life-changing 30 minutes of her life.

Innovative Concept
“Right from my last kick and punch at the end of that circuit, I fell in love with the HIT,” says Miles. “Something just clicked and I knew this was the place for me. I’ve been hooked every since.” She credits the concept of 30 Minute Hit and the encouragement of the trainers on the floor with her 40-lb weight loss, and a slew of other lifestyle improvements.

“At traditional gyms, even those just for women, you don’t get the kind of support and encouragement you get from 30 Minute Hit trainers, who are constantly on the floor cheering you on and helping you with your form as you move through the circuit,” says Miles. For Miles, who wasn’t comfortable in a typical gym environment due to anxiety, the very fact that she felt completely at ease in the 30 Minute Hit environment was a huge relief and success. In fact, any member of the 30 Minute Hit knows that it’s not a ‘gym’. “30 Minute Hit has managed to create a comfortable and inspiring environment where women can sweat, learn, burn, and smile their way to results they never thought possible,” says the franchise’s website.

Miles explains that because you are “in your own bubble” as you make your way through each station in the circuit, she never felt crowded or even concerned about anyone else. The layout of the circuit only allows for one woman at a time to be at a given station. The entire circuit can be completed in 30 minutes, and offers patrons a high return on their calorie burn and time investment.

“After that free trial, I needed no convincing. I signed up on the spot,” says Miles.

Inspiring Others
Almost immediately after signing up at 30 Minute Hit, Miles began inspiring other women in her family and entourage, and because so many of them fell in love with the circuit as well, Miles organized car pools to get everyone to go together a few times a week. Miles’s own sister has lost over 30 lbs to date after joining this past January. Even Miles’s two brothers were so inspired with her progress that they joined a gym and now work out regularly as well.

“We’re on this journey and transformation together,” says Miles. Her typical 30 Minute Hit schedule is now three evenings a week and Saturday mornings.

Since her journey at the 30 Minute Hit began, Miles has gone from a size 16 to a size 8. Not only has she lost weight and is sleeping better, but she is completely off her anxiety medication. “Going to 30 Minute Hit lets me release all of my anxiety and frustration through exercise, and I even walk with more confidence now,” says Miles.

More Life Changes
Shortly after joining 30 Minute Hit, Miles experienced a profound moment that made it crystal clear that 30 Minute Hit was really working. As she was about walk into a large social gathering with family (which normally would have her reeling with anxiety and panic), she realized she was not experiencing any anxiety at all. “I immediately turned to my husband and said, this is why I go to the HIT,” recalls Miles.

With her success at 30 Minute Hit, Miles has continued to keep up a healthy lifestyle at home. She has cut out juices and soft drinks and now takes regular walks with her daughters. She added in some weight lifting at home and the elliptical machine every other day, in addition to her half-hour circuit workouts at 30 Minute Hit.

Having overcome weight gain and severe anxiety through her time at 30 Minute Hit, Miles is now feeling confident to try other physical activities as well; she has been toying with the idea of participating in her first 5K later this year.

For women who are hesitant about booking their free trial at the HIT, Miles has these words to offer; “Just do it. As soon as you get there, it changes your whole mindset. Once you’re there, the rest takes care of itself. Just get your feet in the door.”