The tour of the Sainte-Rose station, a model of its sector in Quebec, is a must! You will have privileged access to one of the stations that supply the island of Laval with water<>period<> You’ll find answers to your questions<>period<> For example, how long does it take for water to go from the station to your home or how much time the production of drinking water take? Also, you will have the opportunity to visit the permanent exhibition<>period<> It’s certainly a great activity to demystify the magic of tap water!When<>colon<> 1<>colon<>45<>apmppersand<>nbsp;p<>period<>m<>period<> to 3<>colon<>45<>apmppersand<>nbsp;p<>period<>m<>period<>, contact the center for exact dates
Where<>colon<> Centre d’interprétation de l’eau (C<>period<>I<>period<>EAU), 12 Hotte Street, Laval, QC H7L 2R3