Are you looking for a day outing with your family? Here are some fun activities to enjoy and check off your bucket list!

Pack a picnic and head over to your local parks and trails centers. This activity can be fun in any season. Most of these centers offer walking or hiking trails. In the winter season, they may offer snowshoeing and cross-country trails. Some centers also have a sliding or tubing hill for fun in the wintertime. In the summer months, the centers may offer different types of walking trails through vast areas of protected forest, which may offer a nice area to picnic and enjoy the scenery. Many parks have a bird feeding area, where you can feed birds right out of the palm of your hand. The centre may even have educational guided tours for adults and children alike. Most of the conservatory parks and centers have free access and many of the extra activities are also free of charge.

In addition to trails, go check out your local aquatic centers. The centers may have fun water parks, water slides, shallow and large swimming pools. Also, some aquatic centers rent out canoes, kayaks, paddle boards and pedal boats for a small fee for the day or with a season pass. Get on the water and visit local small beaches off the waterlines for a day of fun. Some aquatic centers may offer boat tours, such as a catamaran tour. Why not spend time with the family outdoors and reap all the natural benefits of mother earth?

Is it raining outside? Head over to your local museum. Spend the day learning about ancient history, different cultures and fun expositions. Most museums have a family rate and provide an eating area for lunches and snacks. Some museums may be hands-on where visitors can manipulate different objects and be submerged in the full learning experience. Visiting museums provides a variety of benefits: it can help spark an inspirational interest in arts or human history and provide stimulating experiences. Spend a few hours or spend the day indulging in life’s history and expanding the mind.

Want to experience something different? Head over to your local ceramic café. This activity is good for the whole family. Ceramic cafés allow you to paint a plain ceramic piece with your colours of choice. Then it is baked in a special oven to seal the paint and gloss. Your piece is then ready to be used and kept as a treasure for the years to come.  Choose from different ceramic products such as plates, mugs, piggie banks, trinkets and so much more. Indulge in their speciality coffees or hot chocolates while you’re there.

Is it beautiful out? Head over to your local animal sanctuary. Spend the day in the fresh air observing different kinds of animals in their natural summer habitats. Enjoy giraffes, tigers, hippos, and plenty of underwater creatures. Most outdoor animal sanctuaries will also have a water park and amusement ride section—a day filled with exciting fun for the while family!

No matter which activity you choose to do, spending time as a family will support healthy relationships and create happy memories that will last a lifetime. Happy adventures!