Exam period can be an overwhelming time on children and parents. The stress can cause anxiety and worry. As parents, we want our children to strive and give it all their best. But how can we properly prepare them to face those stressful times in their lives?

Here are a few ways to prepare and help them feel more confident:
Reach out to your child’s teacher a few weeks before exam time. Ensure that your child has the proper notes, concepts and subjects needed to successfully prepare for the upcoming exam. Once the material is gathered, it can be split into smaller chunks to help prioritize and organize what needs to be studied. The method of smaller chunks can help your child feel confident before moving onto another chunk. Ensure that review and practice get done a daily basis during the weeks leading up to the exam period. This will facilitate a better understanding of what needs to be reviewed more in depth and what comes easily to your child. This way, if your child needs extra assistance, like a tutor, you will know where the difficulties are in order to focus more on that area. Offer a quiet and comfortable place to study with no distractions. Encourage your child to stretch, take brain breaks and to enjoy some down- time everyday.  To balance studying and breaks are crucial to success. These above approaches will be used all though their lives in school into their adult life.

Sleep has proven to increase mood, productivity, and focus. Creating a bedtime routine can help them relax and get the rest they need for the exam period. Encourage your child to remove any screen time at least one hour before going to bed. Try some yoga, breathing techniques, or even meditation. Try reading a book or sipping on tea. This can be done individually or as a family.

Physical activity is a great way to help relieve stress and improve overall well-being. Encourage your child to participate in an organized sport, riding a bike, working out in the gym, or even just walking in the evenings. Getting the right physical activity can help make managing stress a little easier.

Above all, remind your child that exams are just part of the overall experience. Try to emphasize a mind set that it is okay to make mistakes and that they need to just try their best.

These tips will help your child feel prepared, confident and ease the anxiety regarding exam period. Remind them that as their parent, you will always be supportive and encourage the best versions of them.